Since his arrival in Switzerland in 2013, Venezuelan-born artist Arutani has explored and experimented with various sounds and genres, finally losing his heart to slow electronic music in his current home Berlin. His many inspiring collaborations with other artists
as well as his involvement in the Basel-based creative collective LOKD have helped to shape his musical influences to find his own signature sound. 

Arutani’s relentless enthusiasm pushes him to spend every free second polishing his own style and constantly refining his production skills. Now he is one of the very few who are able to express themselves completely through music – always including in- novative ideas while staying true to his own signature sound. Arutani loves to play with mystical and energetic synth sounds that underlie a driving, detail-oriented groove that is often combined with unusual samples. In the last years he has showcased his spec- trum of music on releases with labels such as Laut & Luise, Heimlich Musik, Akumand- ra, Metanoia, Amselcom, Drosssel and Serafin Audio Imprint.