Beesmunt soundsystem


Bss is the musical alias of Amsterdam born and raised Luigi Vittorio Jansen. Bss (Beesmunt Soundsystem) Informed by his deep knowledge of music history, his ever-evolving sound moves effortlessly between 80s minimalism, synth percussion, electro and many other styles, as he has the unique ability to draw on common motifs and sounds from unrelated genres. The result is a rich and varied balearic world that is always suprising, yet strangely familiar, and where no two records sound quite alike. 

Elevating crowds by carefully crafted mid-tempo selections earned Bss quality shows across Europe, US, Asia and both the America’s. On top of all this he has got a by monthly residency called Komuna at the amazing Opium club in Lithuania. Together with striking releases on labels as Hivern Discs, Notte brigante and the monthly show (BSS Radio) on Echobox Radio Bss keeps on demonstrating versatility and infectious love of music.