Emilio van Rijsel


 Despite his playful alias, Emilio van Rijsel turns out to be dead serious when it comes to Italo Disco. Born in Lille (Rijsel in Dutch), it is when he lived in Brussels that his love the uplifting and colorful genre grew wider (hence Emilio van Rijsel). Back then, he started committing to crate digging and grew into a(nother) record enthusiast. His wide array of influences ranges from cheesy 1980’s Synth-Pop as well as raw EBM, to classic blissful Trance and early Techno from the 90’s. 

He has been released on contemporary iconic international labels such as Italo Moderni and Rees’ Paradiso Record, or French based CDH and the up-and-coming Ulla Records. 

With him behind the decks, expect to embark on romantic and melancholic journey through a mesmerizing blend of genres filled with crisp propelling bass lines, epic synth patterns and hypnotic melodies!