Based in Belgium, the 3 members and long-time friends of the group Knobless found themselves around a common passion, namely electronic music. At the beginning, each of them identified himself in a specific branch; Reda Belaid in the composition of guitar lines, notably for the Belgian dj and producer Toolate Groove (Cosmic Breeze Records), Haris Cheddad for the Dj performance (Fuse , Zodiak, … ) where he had the opportunity to share his decks with artists such as Demuja, Chris Stussy, Prunk, Dewalta, Tapesh and many others, and Thibault Tollet who was able to learn music production in a self-taught way, collaborating with many producers. Since 2020 they have been combining their ideas to offer their audience a hybrid live performance, mixing their own compositions with the tracks they love. Their very first EP “Virtual” was released in early 2022.