about ara-kiwi festival

Ara-Kiwi is a hand-crafted festival for music lovers, who thirst for a unique musical experience.

Immersing festival-goers within the raw beauty of nature’s surroundings. An ensemble of impressive and unique art, sound, and light installations that blend harmoniously will awake all senses, complemented by the most delicious gastronomic experience.


We are the only guest of a magical forest born before us and which will still exist after us. We take the mission of protecting mother nature very seriously. That’s why we are minimising our ecological footprint and banning unnecessary plastic and carbon emission.

our values

A safe and sustainable environment is also a safe place for everyone. Ara-Kiwi is inclusive and does not tolerate any form of racism, homophobia and any form of discrimination. Any act of violence whether verbal, physical, or sexual towards against any festival-goers, artists or staff won’t be tolerated and will be reported.

Our values

ara-kiwi forest festival